Cork Chamber: Government must introduce ambitious supports in the Budget

The group say many businesses are facing energy bills that are up to five times higher than normal and are calling for significant measures to protect small and medium sized businesses in particular.

RedFM News highlighted an €18,000 electricity bill received by the Celtic Ross Hotel for the month of July last week- a bill that was around double the bill for the previous month.

The price hikes have resulted in many business owners warning that they may be forced to cut their opening hours or in the worst case, close their businesses.

Speaking to RedFM News, Conor Healy from Cork Chamber says businesses are taking every step possible to reduce their energy usage:

“That could only go so far, so it is really all about the cost that are being incurred. All businesses certainly want to avoid a situation where they’re they’re not open for business and trading. For many businesses, certainly those in the multinational sector, that’s not something that can be reconsidered; the business needs to keep moving, the product needs to keep being produced. And it’s a matter of managing the cost of it there. And right now the message very strongly to government is while businesses are doing their best to manage those costs and will continue to do so, there is support and intervention required.”


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