Cork city restaurateur fearful of closures this Winter

A City centre restaurateur says people in the hospitality sector are losing sleep ahead of the winter as they consider whether it’s worth their while staying open.

Mike Ryan from Coqbull and the CornStore was speaking after management at Bunnyconnellans in Myrtleville announced that they are closing temporarily.

In a post on Facebook, the owners say they have decided to close until the “economic storm passes.”

The closure has renewed fears that more businesses will be forced to cut their opening hours or close altogether due to the cost of living crisis.

Speaking to RedFM News, Mike Ryan says some business owners are having to make very difficult decisions:

“It’s so frustrating to balance everything and the general public are minding their money and where they spend it. Restaurants and pubs will be the first to guess haste because it’s discretionary income, what people can use in hospitality that’s being caught.”


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