Cork Continues To Have Second Worst Rate Of Homelessness In The Country

The Department of Housing’s July Homelessness Report shows Cork continues to have the second worst rate of homelessness in the country – at 413 people.

Between Cork and Kerry, there were 61 eighteen-24 year olds, and 52 families in local authority provided emergency accommodation.

Labour Senator Rebecca Moynihan is calling for a new eviction ban following a 21 percent increase in youth homelessness.

The party’s spokesperson on housing says the latest figures for July show 943 young people without a home, despite record levels of funding.

Senator Moynihan says evictions are the primary cause:

“It’s an an unintended consequences of the eviction ban that homelessness dropped. We know that eviction bans work. We know that in the short term, we try and stem people going into homelessness, where they’re more likely to then be longer in services than if they never went in in the first place. And that’s why I think we need to make sure that we have the eviction ban again.”


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