Cork Councillor says campervans are causing ‘chaos’

Campervans are causing ‘car-parking chaos’ in some coastal areas across the country.

That’s according to Cork County Cllr Marie O’Sullivan, who says it’s putting children in danger.

She says at present, campervans can be found lined up along the South West coast most weekends.

Councillor O’Sullivan is appealing to owners of the motor-homes to consider young families, before they decide to park-up:

“If you have campervans parked alongside the beach ,and a child runs out, oncoming traffic doesn’t see them. It is becoming a danger issue at the beaches. I think what we really want to do is appeal to the owners of the campervans if they could park at the other side of the road, leaving the beach site free for cars to park for free when families arrive at the weekend.”


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