Cork DART moves a step closer to construction

The Cork version of the DART will move a step closer today.

The Government is to place an order for 90 new battery-electric train carriages, which will be used to expand the DART system into the greater Dublin area and eastern region.

However, they could also be used for a future rapid transit system in Cork.

It’s estimated the expansion could see 600,000 people have access to rapid transit by 2026 when they’re delivered.

  1. Patrick   On   30th November 2022 at 8:25 pm

    This is like the event centre a load of hot gas from government thay will all go to Dublin a lot of events happened in cork sence thay turned the sod and it wasn’t in the event centre ill be gone to the pleace in the sky before that will happen in..about 2060 that will onley be the event centre

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