Cork Doctor: Very Sad To See Beautiful Country Of Sudan “Descend Into Complete Chaos”

It is very sad to see the beautiful country of Sudan “descend into complete chaos”.

That’s according to a Cork consultant paediatrician, who originally is from the north-eastern African country.

Air strikes and fighting are being reported again today in Khartoum as a fragile truce collapses in Sudan.

The army says it’s attacking the capital from all directions to push out its paramilitary opponents.

Speaking to RedFM News, General Secretary of the Cork Sudanese Association, Dr Osama Ali says the community is worried:

“Everyone from Sudan is affected by this war, whether they’re outside or inside. We have our families,  we have our roots in there. My family had to leave Khartoum and they are staying in a city in North Sudan. Our houses are deserted. There is looting in the city. In our capital Khartoum, half of the hospitals are out of service. There’s no electricity, there is no running water. It’s just a crisis for everyone. It is very sad to see this beautiful land and beautiful country descend into complete chaos”.


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