Cork GP Says Expansion Of Free Visits Scheme Could Lead To Better Health Outcomes For Some Patients

A Cork GP says the expansion of the free visits scheme could lead to better health outcomes for some patients.

This current phase is means tested – and will make 215,000 more people eligible for free GP visits from today, with another 215,000 due to be added to the scheme in mid-November.

Free GP care for Under-8s came into effect in August.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly says the move will result in more affordable healthcare during the cost of living crisis and has encouraged anyone who is eligible to apply.

Blackpool’s Dr. John Sheehan thinks any expansion will have a positive impact on society:

“Good healthcare systems such as the Nordic systems and things like that, put a huge emphasis on primary care – not just GPs, but nursing and physios and dieticians. And we’re seeing an expansion of all those roles now in the area and in the community. We currently have the highest life expectancy in the EU, and a lot of that has to do to more prevention and picking up things earlier”.

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