Cork GP says not enough is being done to stop Covid-19 spread

A Cork GP and member of NPHET believes not enough is being done to stop the spread of Covid-19, and there is too much movement nationwide.

It comes as the Chief Medical Officer has once again appealed to employers to allow staff work from home if they can.

There have been 2,944 more cases of Covid 19 including 306 cases in Cork and thirteen more patients have died.

There are 162 confirmed cases of Covid at Cork University Hospital- the most of any hospital in the country including 16 people in the Intensive Care Unit.

Dr Tony Holohan is asking people to stay at home saying there is no group who should feel the public health advice doesn’t apply to them.

Dr Mary Favier is a member of NPHET and is Covid-19 advisor to the Irish College of General Practitioners – she says this lockdown isn’t the same as the first one.

“I think we’re not doing enough, and there’s still too much movement.

“Anybody who’s out – when I go to work this morning I’ll notice the traffic on the road is still heavier and faster, and more of it, than there was in March of last year.

“Something is happening this year that is different to March – and it’s because more people are going to work, more people are seeing that there is some wiggle room/”


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