Cork hospital doctor warns doctors facing burn-out, says industrial action may be taken if conditions don’t improve

Dr Aidan Coffey was speaking after the Irish Medical Organisation held an emergency meeting earlier this week where it was decided to hold a ballot for industrial action due to what they have described as ‘flagrant contractual breaches’ by the HSE.

Non-consultant hospital doctors will be balloted over the next four weeks, with options including a work-to-rule or strike action on the table.

Speaking to RedFM News, IMO NCHD committee member Dr Aidan Coffey outlines the results of a survey taken by junior doctors:

“We found that 97% of NCHD’s report experiencing depression, anxiety, stress or exhaustion. 90% of us are reporting presenteeism; so being at work when we’re just really not in a fit condition to be there. And I suppose the sad statistic is that four out of five NCHD’s are reporting dissatisfaction with their work life balance, and a large factor of this is down to these persistent contractual breaches.”

  1. Breda Cambridge   On   14th April 2022 at 2:30 am

    True the are ran of their feet.i spent 15 hour one night waiting to be seen bye a dr.and one I was brought throught to see one.the were every were trying to help people .they were on bed and chair in the hall.dr running around to help people.their worn out.and 3 mts later I’m still waiting to be seen to cos their a backlog on MRI cat government should step in to help Dr. and open up another hospital

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