Cork man who survived Bataclan terror attack in France hopes criminal trial delivers justice

20 men have gone on trial accused of being involved in the atrocities at venues in Paris.

130 people died and hundreds of others were injured on November 13th, 2015.

David Nolan, who was shot in the Bataclan theatre attack, says he still has vivid memories of the night:

“It’s a traumatic thing that’s always there; even lighting a candle, the smell of a match smells like the gunfire that night, it can snap you into that moment. Fireworks. We like Halloween, you know, it’s a nice time here but fireworks around that time, the noise will trigger us again. We know what’s going to happen, you know. You say right it’s okay, that’s not what we think it is, but the noise, the sounds the smells can just bring you right back there.”


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