Cork NGO recognised by Kenyan ambassador

An Irish NGO has been praised for deepening positive relations between Kenya and Ireland through its ongoing work with communities in the African country.

The Kenyan Ambassador to Ireland, H.E Michael K. Mubea said ‘Brighter Communities Worldwide’ is ‘a brilliant example of how long term sustainable partnerships mutually benefit communities in Kenya, and offers opportunities to Irish people to volunteer in that country, thus expanding their knowledge and all round education’.

The Ambassador made his comments as the Charity celebrates its 20th Anniversary, working in partnership with mainly rural local communities in Londiani, across Health, Education and Economic Empowerment programmes, all of which feed into the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is worth noting that Kenya and Ireland spearheaded the drafting of the SDGs.

Speaking from the Kenyan Embassy in Ballsbridge, the Ambassador commended ‘Brighter Communities Worldwide’ for its dedication to improving the lives of those in Londiani and continuing to shine a light on inequality:

“They are transforming lives, truly offering life changing and life affirming opportunities for the people of Londiani. They are doing this in practical ways that have both immediate and long lasting effects. I love their wholly embracing and all-encompassing approach which is truly inclusive and this is the absolute best way of bringing people with you; include them, invite them and inspire them”.


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