Cork Nurse to climb Ireland’s highest mountain barefoot for Charity

Pat McMahon is attempting to be the first person ever to climb Ireland’s highest mountain, Carrauntoohill, barefoot and hungry. 

The Cork man is already a Nurse, Advocate and the founder of the ‘Mothers First’ Charity. 

He is undertaking the climb on the 16th of October to coincide with World Food Day with the hopes of drawing attention to the rising hunger crisis across the world today. 

Pat has spent the past 17 years trying to alleviate hunger and advocate for a more coordinated response to global hunger at a global level. 

His first encounter with extreme hunger was when he was a child in 1984 when he saw the images of the Famine in Ethiopia – the same country is once again experiencing a famine. 

By completing the climb barefoot and hungry, he hopes to highlight the issue that humanitarian response plans are underfunded by between 45 to 50%. 

This means that for every ten people who urgently need help, only half will receive the food they require. 

Speaking of the need for action, Pat’s said:  

“Global hunger has been rising for the past five years. Covid 19 has exacerbated that rise, with an additional 42 million people being pushed to the brink of famine”. 

Mothers First was founded by Pat Mc Mahon in 2004. 

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