Cork nursing home owner: Covid bonus a welcome token of appreciation

A Government plan to give healthcare workers a €1,000 bonus goes some way towards acknowledging the fact that they went the extra mile when the pandemic hit our shores in March 2020

That’s according to Diarmuid O’Dálaigh who runs Oaklodge Nursing Home who says while it is a generous token of appreciation it can never fully compensate people for the lengths they went to during the crisis.

Frontline healthcare workers are to be given a 1 thousand euro bonus to recognise their efforts since Covid began.

However there have been some calls to include the likes of GPs, pharmacists and retail workers in the scheme.

Speaking to RedFM News Diarmuid O’Dálaigh of Oaklodge Nursing Home says the pandemic was very demanding on people, particularly those in nursing homes and hospitals:

“These are the people who went out to work when everyone else was in lockdown, covered for their colleagues, kept people safe. They did all these extra courses, they did an awful lot of overtime, kept away from socialising, from shopping, from going anywhere during a lot of that time and really put themselves out. Ate lunches on their own kept back from families and all of that. So I think they genuinely deserve to be recognised and this is the appropriate token of appreciation and it’s very welcome in the sector.”


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