Cork Penny Dinners giving people basic survival advice to deal with cost of living crisis

Cork Penny dinners are now giving people basic survival advice to help them deal with the cost of living crisis.

Caitriona Twomey from the charity was speaking at a press conference ahead of a protest in the city on Saturday.

The Cost of Living Campaign will hold their third protest on Grand Parade on Saturday at 2pm to call on the government to introduce further measures to help people struggling with food and energy bills over the winter.

Speaking to RedFM News at the press conference, Caitriona Twomey says the government must take notice of the new vulnerable and poor that are being hit by the crisis:

“We’re not giving up survival and face, what more do we have to do for the Government to realize that this is their job, this is what they should be doing. All of us, you know that deal with these situations, we all know that it’s wrong. The Government has to know that that’s wrong, too and the government has to step up to the mark, whatever they have to do, they must do it.”

Marie-Claire Jennequin is a mother of three young children and also spoke at the press conference.

She told RedFM News that the cost of living crisis has put her family under severe pressure:

“In a house with two working parents there are many challenges aside from the day to day costs as well. We are renters, we have an eviction notice for April with no idea where we’re actually going to be living in April as a family of five so, it’s a constant pressure.”


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