Cork people urged to be vigilant following distraction burglaries

People in Cork are being urged to be on their guard in relation to a series of distraction burglaries which have been taking place across the county.

The Echo report that the sophisticated distraction burglary involves a woman calling to a house to say that a cat has jumped over the wall and into the home owner’s garden, and when the home owner is distracted a man waiting outside in a car enters the house to steal cash and jewellery.

The most recent burglary took place in Mayfield late last month, while Gardai say they have also occurred in Bantry, Fermoy and Glengarrif and take place in the afternoon.

It’s believed that the the couple have been operating nationally, with the man described as having partly bleached hair while the woman has dark curly hair.

Gardai have warned that the couple may change their story as time goes on, and that people should be cautious about opening their doors to cold callers and to contact their local Garda station if necessary.

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