Cork pharmacist explains signs of Strep A following death of child

A Cork pharmacist says parents need to know the signs of Strep A after it was confirmed that a child has died in Ireland after contracting the infection.

Public health officials are meeting today over the bug while GPs and hospitals have been told to be on alert for symptoms.

GPs say parents are already worried about their children’s ability to fight infection due to their immature immune systems post Covid

Speaking to RedFM News Nigel Maloney from CarePlus Pharmacy in Carrigaline is advising parents to be vigilant:

“What you’re looking out for would be typically the signs of, of scarlet fever. So temperature, lack of appetite, not drinking very well. If your child has been started on antibiotics by your GP, and they’re not getting better, despite the antibiotics if they’re eating much less than normal, if they have a dry nappy for more than than 12 hours or if they seem to be dehydrated, and if kids under three months old have a temperature of greater than 30 days, or if they’re over to three months, and they have a temperature of higher than 39 and that’s a reason to contact your GP.”



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