Cork Property Developer Says The Region Needs To Develop Housing Outside The City Centre

A Cork property developer says the region needs to develop housing outside the city centre.

Michael O’Flynn says Cork and other regions in Ireland have not seen large scale apartment developments because they are not profitable enough at the moment.

He’s warning the lack of new homes will deter foreign direct investment and says homes should be built in the towns on the outskirts of the city.

At the end of last year the Southern Region Construction Summit heard the city needs the equivalent of seven Elysian towers every year for the next eleven years to keep up with demand for housing.

Speaking to RedFM News, Michael O’Flynn says Cork needs more houses:

“Put development in the extended, the new Cork City, if I can call it that, and at the same time work towards brownfield apartment development when that is valuable. But if we don’t face up to the fact that we need to build 3-bed Semis, as you call them, you will at least have Cork competing as a region for FDI and for employment.”


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