Cork Publican And Restaurateur Says “Today Is A Joyous Day”

A Cork publican and restaurateur says “Today is a joyous day”.

Covid restrictions were drastically eased this morning at 6 ‘clock.

Social distancing is no longer mandated, restrictions on hospitality have been lifted and there are no limits on gatherings at home.

Live events can run at full capacity.

Covid Vaccine Passports are only needed for international travel.

Despite predictions that the major easing of restrictions will lead to a rise in Covid cases, health officials say it can be managed because of the vaccine programme.

Speaking to RedFM News, the owner of Soho, Tequila Jacks and Paddy the Farmer’s, Sean McCarthy says that the industry is all about fun:

“It’s almost surreal. It’s a shock to us it came so fast, but we’re absolutely delighted. Today is a joyous day. Hopefully with the good weather coming, hopefully things just get better again, you know. Some staff have never worked late nights, or worked with bar counter service. But that brings its own fun and challenges as well. So look, it’s the unknown, but it’s the happy and the good unknown. And we’re really, really looking forward to getting back trading, welcoming our old and new customers back and just having fun- what our industry is meant to be – people come out to socialise and have fun.”


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