Cork Simon Community urges Government to prioritise housing supply

The Cork Simon Community are warning that the endless cycle of homeless will continue forever more unless the government prioritises the supply of more housing.

The city-based charity say they are dealing with the strongest demand for places at their emergency shelter in their 51 year history, with around 76 people sleeping at the centre on Anderson’s Quay every night last month.

Sub-zero temperatures are being forecast from tomorrow, with Met Eireann warning that ground temperatures could reach minus six or seven in the coming days.

Cork Simon say they will do everything they can to find a place for anyone sleeping rough during the cold snap…

Speaking to RedFM News, Paul Sheehan from Cork Simon says the current moratorium on evictions will prevent some people falling into homelessness, however they expect a spike in people looking for help after it’s lifted.

“We need much more than breathing space because when that’s lifted next March, we’re just going to see the same thing happening again, if not worse.

“There’s enormous pressure on emergency beds, not just in our shelter, but right across the city at the moment.

“There is a bit of a breathing space there now, hopefully we’ll see the number of new presentations begin to fall over the next few months.

“That time needs to be used by the government to do whatever they can to ramp up the supply of housing because that’s the issue. People just can’t afford to put a roof over their head.

“And until that’s addressed, we’re going to be in this endless cycle forevermore.”


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