Cork Simon survivor speaks out about how the service saved her life

A Cork Simon service user has described how the homeless charity helped her to believe that she deserved a home, education and friends.

Tammy Twomey who has been a Cork Simon resident for four years was speaking as the charity launched it’s Annual Impact Report for 2021 today which also marks Cork Simon’s 50th anniversary.

The Report highlights how Cork Simon helped end homelessness for more people like Tammy, despite the chronic challenges of the housing crisis.

Last year, 69 people, the highest number yet, moved from homelessness to secure and affordable, supported and independent housing, with the help of Cork Simon.

Speaking to RedFM News, Tammy reflected on the time she spent living at one of Cork Simon’s high-support houses, she recounted how it took her nearly a year to settle in and realise that she is not on her own:

“They taught me how to read and write that taught me how to cook. They taught me how to live day by day the same communities from so far. Well I’m proud of the same the military kept me differ so yeah, I am proud of myself for common so far. Yes, never thought I believed that I will be entitled to education. I never thought I deserved to loop over my head. I always thought I deserve to be unfaithful. Now I don’t feel that way whatsoever. I deserve to have a home like everybody.”


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