Cork student forced to keep heating off amid Cost of Living crisis

A Cork student says she and her housemates have agreed not to switch on the heating in their house this winter because they cannot afford to pay the gas bill.

UCC law student Erin was among several people who spoke about their experience at a press conference in the city yesterday, ahead of a protest in the city on Saturday.

It’s the third demonstration organised by the Cost of Living Campaign, who say one-off measures brought in by the government are not enough to protect people during the winter.

Speaking to RedFM News, law student Erin says many of her friends are working full time to pay their way:

“The fees I pay are €6,500 because I started a level 7 degree before but didn’t finish it. Even though I’ve moved up to a level 8 degree, I still have to pay the repeat fees, and you don’t get SUSI or the current reduction in fees either. I come from a single parent household and I was working about six days a week over the summer. I know one of my friends was working seven days a week over the summer, five days in the law firm and two days in a Centra, so I think she was once working 54 days in a row, before she got a day off over the summer.”


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