Cork TD calls for creation of local equine officers to clamp down on horse cruelty

Fianna Fail’s Padraig O’Sullivan is making the call, after a photo of a dead pony on Blarney Road started circulating online.

The animal was found on the Blarney Road yesterday morning, but it is not known when the pony was left on the road or how it died.

Councillor Ken O’Flynn asked Cork City Council to remove the animal after it was discovered yesterday, to avoid causing any further distress to members of the public.

Padraig O’Sullivan believes that such cruelty will continue unless current laws are enforced.

Deputy O’Sullivan outlined to RedFM News what an equine officer’s role would be:

“They would maintain a register of animals, and they would have powers to inspect and to issue fines, to seizee the animals where appropriate, and to impound them. I think if you had that designated official it makes the whole situation an awful lot better for not just the animals but for the people that are concerned about them.”


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