Cork University Maternity Hospital say constant research means premature babies have a higher chance of survival

Between 10 and 20 percent of babies born in the maternity hospital every day have to be admitted to the neonatal unit.

Most of the newborns need to be treated for minor issues with feeding, breathing or their blood sugar and can be taken home by their parents after a few days.

However CUMH say some babies are born between two and four months early and require intensive care treatment which can be an incredibly distressing time for parents.

Speaking to RedFM News, Dr Peter Filan of CUMH says some premature babies weigh as little as 500 grams:

“There’s no more stressful moment in your life than the day that you’re told that your baby is sick. Nobody expects that but it’s a reality of having a baby and to be told that your baby is sick and has come into the neonatal unit even for something minor is an extremely emotional, emotive and stressful moment for a family”


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