Cork VFI: Today Is A “Momentous Day” For Hospitality Across The Country

Today is a momentous day for hospitality across the country.

That’s according to the Chairperson of the Cork City and County branches of the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland, Michael O’Donovan.

Since 6 ‘clock this morning, there is no requirement for social distancing, restrictions on hospitality have lifted and there are no limits on gatherings in the home.

Live events, including sporting events, can go ahead at full capacity.

Covid Vaccine Passes will only be needed for international travel.

Despite predictions that the major easing of restrictions will lead to a rise in Covid cases, health officials say it can be managed because of the vaccine programme.

Speaking to RedFM News, Michael O’Donovan says that this is something vintners have looked forward to for the past 22 months:

Today is a momentous day for hospitality across Ireland. Here in Cork pubs are opening now at 10:30 this morning and we’ll go right through to 12:30 tonight – last orders. The best thing is the bar counter is back in action today and it’s the heartbeat of most of the pubs across the country. People will be able to walk in the door, sit where they want to sit, meet the friends they want to meet, and you know, it’s something that we’ve looked forward to for the last 22 months.”


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