Cork woman to release a book on World Cancer Day

A Cork woman who was diagnosed with cancer while her father was undergoing treatment for the same disease says a book detailing their journey is about hope, love and resilience.

Primary school teacher Katherine Griffin from Midleton was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in December 2012, four years after her father Joe began treatment.

Joe died on World Cancer Day in 2017 aged 69 and Katherine made a full recovery following surgery to remove her thyroid.

She now plans to release a book on World Cancer Day in February next year to inspire people dealing with a cancer diagnosis and to raise money for cancer research.

Katherine told RedFM News that while some days are incredibly tough, people can overcome a lot when they need to.

“When dad had a bone marrow transplant after his second diagnosis he went to Dublin for that, and I was doing my teaching practice because I retrained as a teacher in the middle of all this as well.

“I would come from school, sort my children, sort my teaching practice stuff, get in the car and drive to Dublin, come home, do another little bit for school, sleep for about three or four hours and get up and do the same thing every day.

“You’re fire fighting, you’re easing yourself into that burning building, and what are you going to do, not quench it? You’re not going to think of energy levels, or anything else, you’re just going to go with your instincts.”

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