Cork Woman Who Lost Her Father To Cancer While Undergoing Her Own Health Battles Says Book Uncovers Skills Developed During Most Difficult Time Of Their Lives

A Cork woman who lost her father to cancer while undergoing her own health battles says her book aims to uncover the skills she and her family developed during the most difficult time of their lives.

Katherine Griffin’s father Joe died on World Cancer Day on 2017 after being first diagnosed in 2008.

The Midleton primary school teacher had her thyroid removed in 2012 and has undergone several surgeries.

Katherine is launching her book of 16 stories on World Cancer Day next year and she told RedFM News about it:

“I suppose the book goes through stepping back and looking at what skills we used to get through those things, you know, I’m nothing special. I’m just a girl that, you know, stepped up at home and did what I had to do at home, you know, and kept my job because I had to keep my job. You know, I had to keep my health. I had to get healthy for me, for my kids. I had to make sure dad was minded the best way possible because he was my word, you know?”


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