Corkman helps Palestinian rapper go viral

A Cork beatmaker has helped a teenage rapper from Gaza go viral – as he’s clocked up millions of views.

The video clip for “Palestine” by AKA MC Abdul or MCA Rap features the 12 year old walking past bombed out buildings in his neighbourhood in Gaza as he raps about life in the region.

The music on the track was crated by Cork producer Garry McCarthy /GMC Beats who has been helped to mentor the teen since 2019 and the Cork connection doesn’t stop there – Clonakilty teacher Liam Ahern has been teaching him English online and he has also been lined up with RedFM’s Stevie G who is helping to promote his music.

Speaking to RedFM News Garry says Abdul is having a major international impact on the music scene.

“It’s a real inspiration for us just to see that a kid so young can have a major international impact.

“People are listening to him, and they’re listening to his lyrics and they can really feel what he’s talking about.

“I’d say he feels like part of the Cork music family now. He knows all the characters, he knows all the young people involved in the Cabin, Abdul’s younger brother is a big fan of MC Tiny who’s up in the Cabin studio, and Jamie another one of the rappers.

“They have a song called “Yeah Boy” and Abdul sent me a video of his younger brother performing the lyrics – there’s a real connection there.”



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