Corkman in Ukraine says there is panic on the streets

Eugene O’Sullivan from Bantry is currently in Ukraine with his Ukrainan wife.

He is five hours east of Kiev but says Ukranian media are reporting that there has been a full invasion by Russia on three fronts.

He says local media say a military airfield near Kiev has been destroyed and Russian troops are gathering at the Port City of Odessa.

Speaking to RedFM News in the past few minutes Eugene says there is panic buying on the streets, queues at filling stations and supermarkets, bank machines are running out of cash, and he has stocked up on water supplies and has a generator on stand by in case the power goes out.

“All the airports have been taken out. We just have to stay here. There’s queues, there’s panic, there’s cash machines running out of money – cards aren’t much use to you when there’s a war, you’re better off having your money in under the bed, and this proves it.

“Everybody is concerned, because nobody knows what the outcome is going to be of all of this.”

He says he and his family are safe for now but he fears any ground invasion.

“For now we are. But we don’t know. It’s when the ground invasion will come… nobody knows.”


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