Cost of living protest organisers: A clear message needs to be sent to the government

The organisers of a cost of living protest say they want to send a clear message to the government and are asking anyone impacted by the crisis to join them in the city centre later this month.

The Cost of Living Coalition held a press conference in Blackpool in the past hour to encourage unions, community groups and individuals to join the protest on Grand Parade on Saturday the 17th at 2pm.

The group are calling for rent and energy price caps as well as a ban on evictions.

They are also calling on the government to implement a plan to ease the cost of living crisis through the winter until next summer.

Yesterday Taoiseach Micheál Martin told RedFM News that the government will address the spiraling cost of living with a package of one-off measures in the Budget.

Speaking to RedFM News at today’s press conference, TD Mick Barry says the coalition have zero confidence in the government’s ability to help people:

“We have no confidence in the Taoiseach and no confidence in the government, that of their own volition, they are going to solve this problem. They are allowing the companies bring in these massive increases and then saying that they’ll throw people a few bob or claw few bob back with a windfall tax. That is not enough. The increases must be scrapped- they control one of the [energy] companies- they need to stop the increases. Does it need people in huge numbers on the streets? Absolutely. We have to do here what we did with the water charges.”


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