Cost Of Living Protest Took Place Outside City Hall This Evening

A cost of living protest took place outside City Hall.

Protesters were calling for the government to introduce an emergency budget before the Dáil goes into recess for the summer.

The issue will also be raised during this evening’s council meeting, which is the last of the summer.

The government say they won’t be introducing a mini budget and are expected to announce tax cuts, welfare increases and a second energy credit during budget in September.

Speaking to RedFM News outside City Hall, these protesters explained why they came out:

“Everyone I know has a student loan, like nobody can afford to live up without extra means. Rent is too high and that’s the end of it.

“There are plenty people who have been really struggling, who have really lost out an awful lot during the pandemic. And who are now finding themselves with no reserves, no buffer to help protect them from this. And they’re being absolutely hammered.

“Like how long has the housing crisis been going on for? I’m in my late 20s. It has been going on all throughout my 20s. I think that that would show that they have an interest in the last 9/10 years. This government is a continuation in one form or another of previous governments”.


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