Council’s Director Of Roads says lack of funding for N25 upgrade is a mistake

30,000 vehicles per day use the N25 at Carrigtwohill and the County Council says a decision not to allocate funds for a major upgrade of the road is a “mistake”.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland has confirmed that work on the upgrade project between Carrigtwohill and Midleton cannot proceed as it hasn’t gotten Government funding this year .

The Council’s Director of Roads Padraig Barrett says work is currently suspended on the contract and he’s raised his concerns that if funding is not allocated for a few years, the work already done may be ‘out of date’ by the time the new National Development Plan commences in 2026 – as traffic volumes may have increased and the environmental impacts may be different at that time.

Speaking to RedFM News Padraig Barrett says he will be outlining his concerns around the suspension of funding for the N25 project at Carrigtwohill with TII.

“Carrigtwohill as it is today is not effectively bypassed. To access the east end of Carrigtwohill, you have to travel through it.

“You can access the west end of Carrigtwohill without going through it, but you cannot access the east side from Cork city without travelling through the village itself.

“Our proposal that we were working on was a new interchange at the east side of Carrigtwohill that would have improved traffic on that side of the village.”


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