Counting gets underway in Stormont elections

Counting gets underway in the Northern Ireland Stormont Assembly elections this morning.

The polls show Sinn Féin is set to be the largest party and take the position of First Minister for the first time in Northern Ireland’s history.

Turnout was down on the 2017 Stormont elections after something of a lacklustre campaign that could yet see a historic result.

If the actual voting mimics what the polls are saying Sinn Féin will be the largest party in Stormont for the first time, winning the right to nominate a First Minister.

The vote for the DUP is expected to have fallen while Naomi Long’s middle ground Alliance Party is hoping to benefit with a strong rise in its support.

Ballot boxes will be opened to be sorted and counted from 8am this morning with the first results expected early tomorrow afternoon.

While the First Minister and Deputy First Minister positions in Northern Ireland have exactly the same standing and powers, it would be a huge symbolic win for Sinn Féin if Michelle O’Neill is to become the first First Minister

With neither the DUP or UUP confirming if they’ll nominate a Deputy First Minister should Sinn Féin win, and issues around the Northern Ireland protocol remaining, despite today’s vote it may be some time before we see a Government here.


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