Couple found in Tipperary could have died in late 2020

Milk found at the house of a couple whose bodies were discovered in Tipperary, has indicated they could have died in late 2020.

The bodies of 81-year-old Nicholas Smith and his 79-year-old wife Hilary are now believed to have gone undiscovered for more than 18 months.

Gardai are looking to speak with the last person they were in contact with, in the hopes of establishing a concrete timeline.

Southern Correspondent with the Irish Independent Ralph Riegel says it’s also hoped a toxicology report will provide more clarity.

“We understand that the post mortems have been inconclusive, and that toxicology reports and laboratory results are going to be crucial.

“It now looks as though the couple may have been dead in the house for up to 18 months, and that is another focus of the Garda investigation, to try and determine when was the last time anyone had contact with this couple, and roughly when did they pass away.


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