Coveney says he should have been clearer with Zappone

The Foreign Affairs Minister says he should have been clearer with Katherine Zappone that he was not offering her a job when they spoke in March.

Simon Coveney is before the Foreign Affairs Committee for a second time to answer questions on the controversial UN role.

Documents released by the Department of Foreign Affairs yesterday show Ms Zappone thanked the Minister for the “incredible opportunity” in a text message on March 4th.

The message came four months before she was formally nominated to the role by the Minister, after the Cabinet was told about it in late July.

Minister Coveney says it was not a job offer at the time.

“I raised the possibility of a special envoy with Katherine Zappone and asked her if she’d be interested in the role should the Department develop and recommend it.

“That phone calls as on the third of March, and triggered a text to me from Katherine the following day enthusiastically thanking me for the opportunity.

“But it wasn’t a job offer at that stage, as I made it very clear that the concept had to be developed by the Department.

“Looking back now, I should have been clearer with Katherine.”


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