Creche and pre-school owners warn that there could be further childcare shortages

Creche and pre-school owners are warning of closures and further childcare shortages if funding for services isn’t increased.

Providers and parents are set to protest outside Leinster House later over a new government model due in September which would freeze fees.

The Federation of Early Childcare Providers is calling for government proposals to include a subsidy of €100 per week, per child.

President, Elaine Dunne, says funding’s an urgent issue:

“We all know that there is a massive shortage of places for children already in this country, and in rural Ireland in particular, if these services closed down parents would probably have to drive miles to get to a service to put their child into it. It’s not something we want to see, are these small services closing down. They are so important for the parents who do not work full time. It’s really important that they have the choice to put their children in for three hours every single day.”


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