CUH doctors treat injured Ukrainian soldier

Doctors at Cork University Hospital treated a seriously injured Ukrainian soldier after he was wounded in April in a small village in the Kharkov region.

Myroslav was unconscious and in intensive care for 15 days in a hospital in the area.

Due to a serious head wound, he was left paralysed on the right side of his body, completely unable to speak.

He was transported to the Central Hospital in the city of Lviv in May where he was given the opportunity to receive medical treatment abroad, and this would bring him to Ireland.

On 10th May, Myroslav, was transported in a critical condition by special military flight from Poland to Cork.

Doctors at Cork University Hospital, began serious treatment and enrolled him in a rehabilitation programme where he learned how to walk again over a three month period.

He underwent a second successful surgery at CUH where a titanium plate was inserted in his skull.

The organisation Together Razem organised for his mother to come to Cork to be at her son’s bedside and the group supported mother and son during their time in Cork.

A few weeks ago Myroslav and his mother returned to Ukraine.


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