CUMH apologises as €8m interim settlement made for girl left profoundly disabled due to life changing injuries at birth

A nine year old girl as received an €8 million euro interim settlement for life changing injuries caused at the time of her birth at Cork University Maternity Hospital.

In the High Court yeseterday Caitlin Twomey from Ballincollig, Co. Cork, settled her legal action with CUMH apologising unreservedly.

The Echo reports the court heard there were “red flags” during labour which went unobserved and misunderstood and Caitlin suffered very serious brain damage and is profoundly disabled.

Caitilin has cerebral palsy, is unable to safely walk unaided and can only say some words.

Liability in the case was admitted in August of this year.

Damages in the case will be assessed when the case comes back before the court in 10 years’ time.

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