Currach Crews From All Over Ireland In Dublin Today For Annual ‘Three Island Currach Race’

Currach crews from all over Ireland will hit the waters of Skerries in Dublin today for the annual Three Island Currach Race.

Competitors will row the 7 kilometers around Skerries’ three off-shore islands, collecting a flag from each.

This year’s event kicks off at 2pm, and will feature currachaí from six counties including Antrim, Clare and Mayo.

Currach na Sceirí captain Shane Holland says today’s race is the biggest so far:

“Now, it’s in its fourth year and we’re expecting over a dozen boats today. You know, we’ve different people from different backgrounds, and it’s kind of interesting to bring the culture kind of to the East Coast. And it’s thriving now actually on the east coast, so much more that, you know, it’s helping rejuvenate even some of the activity on the West coast. So we’re now attracting crews from the West which we’d never had before”.

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