Cyber attack continues to impact services at CUH

Last week’s cyber attack on the HSE is continuing to impact on services at Cork University Hospital.

However patients waiting on urgent referrals are being told not to panic as these referrals are still being made on their behalf.

Dr John Sheehan says urgent referrals are being faxed through to the hospitals.

Speaking to RedFM News Dr Sheehan outlined how GP’s have been impacted by the cyber attack.

“We’ve cancelled all our routine blood tests, for instance. Vital screening tests have been cancelled.

“Also in terms of getting results from the lab, we’re unable to get them at present.

“We can’t order X-Rays electronically, we do most of our referrals electronically.

“But our systems in general practice, although they’re linked with the HSE, they’re their own independent systems, so luckily they’re not affect.”


The government says it has hundreds of experts working to rebuild HSE systems and find those responsible for the cyber attack on its network.

The Taoiseach last night told his parliamentary party it’s crucial that access to radiology, diagnostics and therapeutics is restored.

Hospitals are priortising emergency cases, and patients in need of non-urgent care are being told to expect long delays.

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