Date ideas for some fun in Cork

Whether you’re new to Cork, just here on a visit or if you’ve lived here all your life, sometimes it can be hard to think of new things to do for your next date. 

Whether you’re into the cinema, a nice meal or something adventurous there is definitely something for you and your partner in Cork – it’s just all about knowing where to look. 

So, without further ado, here are some date ideas: 

Book a Guided Tour of the Jameson Distillery Experience. The home of the original Midleton Distillery which brings the stories of Jameson’s rich history to life. The day includes: a 75-minute guided tour from one of the Jameson Ambassadors, a short film and tour of the Distillery buildings and ofcourse a Jameson drink is included 

  • Dinner at home – English Market Style 

Why not bring date night home but add a little twist. You and your partner could head into town and get lost in the magic of the English Market, however while you’re there you could get a true taste of Cork cuisine and decide to make your dinner that night at home using only goods you pick up at the market. Not only will you have fun searching, probably get chatting to some of the lovely traders and then you must brainstorm a meal that ties all these amazing Cork ingredients together. 

  • Indoor Climbing Facility 

If you and your partner are adventure seekers than why not try out Ireland’s newest indoor climbing facility, Awesome Walls, which is situated on the Model Farm Road in Cork. With over 800m2 of dedicated climbing surface, this is the best place to safely try out something new or even put old skills to the test. 

  • Kayak your day away 

Another one for any who’s into the adventurous side of life. What better way to see Cork than by Kayaking your way around on the Under the Bridges Tour with Atlantic Sea Kayaking. While you’re on the tour you will be told stories of the city’s history and the nature you pass along the way. 

  • Cycle around the City or cycle the Greenway 

With the option of either cycling around the city or cycling the greenway Beyond the Glass is your go to.  The City Cycle Tour takes place Monday to Sunday at 10am and the Greenway Cycle Tour Monday to Saturday at 4pm. 

  • Float your way to better health 

This is quite an unusual spa routine but one that is worth a try Zero Gravity Float Cork floating is a safe and proven way to reduce stress, relieve chronic and acute pain and recover from physical activity or injuries.  

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