Defence Forces monitoring Russian warships

The Defence Forces are currently monitoring two Russian warships which have entered Irish territorial waters.

They’re thought to be on their way to take part in the live-fire exercises which had been planned to take place 240km off the Cork coast but were moved after fishermen vowed to continue to fish in the waters where the activities were planned

The current location of the vessels isn’t known but the Irish Times reports they are believed to be travelling west off the Cork coast.

Russia’s Ambassador to Ireland will face questions about military exercises off the Irish coast and the Ukraine crisis when he appears before an Oireachtas Committee later.

Last week, Yuri Filatov announced Russia had agreed to move the live-fire drill away from Ireland’s exclusive economic zone, claiming it a “gesture of goodwill”.

Security Analyst, Declan Power, believes the move was well thought out.

“It’s very unlikely that they would have shifted based on pressure brought to bear by the Irish Government or the fishermen.

“They probably anticipated a certain level of public outpouring over it.

“In terms of their overall strategic objective which I believe is to destabilise wester Europe and create and sow seeds of division, then that was very much an appropriate tactical move to facilitate that.”


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