Deputy CMO says crowded areas will need to be avoided for the next six months

People will have to avoid crowded areas for at least the next six months according to the Deputy Chief Medical Officer.

No new deaths were reported last night – the first time that’s happened since December 21st, while 821 new cases were detected.

In public hospitals overnight there were 849 people with the virus, which is below the peak of the first wave for the first time since early January.

Last night 158 people with Covid were in intensive care.

Dr Ronan Glynn says some significant restrictions will have to remain in place for the foreseeable future to continue to drive down cases.

“Over the coming months what we will want everybody to do is where they are out and about, where they are interacting to do so safely.

“I don’t see a scenario where we’re not asking people to wear face masks, to keep physical distance, to avoid crowds, to avoid poorly ventilated spaces over the next six months.”


Dr Ronan Glynn says the prospect of allowing people who are vaccinated to re-engage with society is under ‘active review’

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer says it will be a few weeks before advice is given.

“This is under active review, but right now we have to wait for everyone in those facilities that wants to be vaccinated to be vaccinated, and I know up take has been close to 100% in those facilities.

“We’re not there yet, we have another few weeks to go. They need to be vaccinated, and then we need to wait between 7 and 14 days for them to achieve full protection.

“On top of that we really need to see where we get with the disease more broadly.”

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