‘Dogs Trust’ Says It Expects Even More Dogs To Be Given Up Next Month As People Return To Work In Person

Dogs Trust says it expects even more dogs to be given up next month, as people return to work in-person.

The charity says it has already reached capacity in its headquarters in Dublin.

Mairéad Cleary reports for RedFM News:

“There was people working from home and all they had was their dog for company. They made us laugh, they loved us, they made us feel special. Your life is complete when you have a dog and just to try and think back to when it was just you and your dog and try and give that back to them this year because this is when they need us the most.”

“Man’s best friend became remote workers’ full time companion last year.

But as offices look set to reopen next month, so called ‘pandemic pups’ will be forced to readjust. Corina Fitzsimmons recommends recording your dog while your gone to luck out for these signs of anxiety:

“Hyper-vigilance, like you’re staring out the window, they’re pacing up and down, they’re circling around, they’re whining, they’re salivating, barking, howling. Anything like that where they look tense, where they’re not actually just taking themselves off and relaxing.”

“The charity has received more surrender requests in the first 8 months of this year than they did for all of 2020.

It’s appealing to owners to reach out for help in training your dog, rather than abandon your pup as life resumes to some normality.

Mairéad Cleary, Dogs Trust in Dublin.”


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