Dublin Airport to introduce “holding areas” for people who arrive early for their flight

Passengers who arrive early at Dublin Airport this weekend could be placed in designated holding areas if the terminals are too busy.

It’s one of the proposals from DAA to avoid excessive queues like those seen last Sunday, where 1400 people missed their flights.

It is advising passengers flying on short-haul flights to arrive 2 and a half hours beforehand, or three and a half hours beforehand for a long-haul flight.

Addressing the Oireachtas Transport Committee, DAA CEO Dalton Philips says if the airport gets very busy, they’ll only let passengers who arrive in those timeframes into the terminal:

“Passengers that arrive too early for their flight, if we need to invoke the triage, will be asked to wait in a dedicated passenger holding area outside of the terminal, with special consideration being given to passengers who require special assistance.”


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