Eamon Ryan Insists No Space In The Green Party For People To Make Demeaning Comments About Women

Eamon Ryan insists there’s no space for people to make demeaning comments about women in the Green Party.

It comes after Limerick TD Brian Leddin was found to have made disrespectful remarks about a female councillor.

The Green Party leader says he has spoken to Deputy Leddin “at length” about the messages and says it’s right that he apologised.

Eamon Ryan says any potential sanctions will be determined within the party:

“I think Brian is going to talk to our own executive and management committee. I think they’ll be discussing that, but more immediately, the  important thing was that he did apologise, recognise it’s wrong. We’ve done a huge amount of work internally in how WhatsApp groups, in particular, operate to make sure that there is dignity and respect.”


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