East Cork Community Of Killeagh Still ‘Trying To Get Head Around’ What Happened 22-Year-Old Private Shane Kearney

East Cork Community of Killeagh is still ‘trying to get its head around’ what happened 22-year old Private Shane Kearney who was seriously injured in an attack in Lebanon on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Defence Forces confirmed to RedFM News that Trooper Shane Kearney remains in a “stable but critical condition” in the UN Hospital in Lebanon.

He was seriously injured when his armoured vehicle convoy was attacked while he was serving as a UN peacekeeper in the Middle Eastern country.

24-year old Private Seán Rooney from Donegal and Drogheda was killed on Wednesday, in the same attack.

Eight officials from the Defence Forces’ ‘Critical Incident Response Team’ are due in Camp Shamrock in Lebanon today to help the investigation.

Speaking to RedFM News, the chairman of Shane’s local Killagh GAA Club, Gerard Scully, says the community is trying its best to support the Kearney Family:

“The community is  just getting their heads around what has actually happened to the Kearney Family and the area is still in shock really and still numb. But everyone is there for them. It’s like anything, people rally around when you have times like this. There was a prayer service just to be present and to show the support. And look, everyone is just trying to help in whatever way they can. And, as I say the service was very well attended and Fr Tim Hazelwood did a great job”.

A Critical Incident Response Team has been sent by the Irish Defence Forces to Lebanon today.

The team consists of four Personnel Support Officers, who will link up with Shane and Seán’s 121st Battalion.

Three Military Police Investigators and a Legal Officer will also travel as authorities investigate the ambush

Speaking to RedFM News, the chairman of Shane’s local Killagh GAA Club, Gerard Scully, says the 22-year-old is often seen on their pitch when not on duty:

“Once he’s at home, he’d be below in the field, and he’d be talking to the lads, and look, all his friends are involved in the club. And as I say, he’s a very warm person, and he’d be asking lads how they’re getting on, and he just be down the field pucking a ball. He’s a skilful player, very lively on the field. So yeah, when he’s around, he’d be below on the field. And as well, he’d help out his dad from time to time whose a well known referee in the area, and he’d help him as an umpire”.


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