Eating Disorder Centre Cork: 60% increase in people seeking help has forced treatment strategy rethink

The centre on Penrose Quay have 125 clients this year and a further 40 people waiting to be allocated a therapist or to be assessed- that’s compared to 75 clients in total last year.

Management have put the increase down to more awareness of eating disorders and the supports available, as well as people no longer being able to hide eating problems during lockdown.

The increase means the centre are now looking at ways to treat more than one person when they first come forward.

Speaking to RedFM news, clinical manager of the Eating Disorder Centre Cork Erin O’Reilly outlines how it would work:

“We’re trying to find another way to support our clientele- maybe doing group sessions, information; maybe psychoeducation pre treatment, which could cut out a lot of time and effort really. You get the young people in to do psychoeducation around eating disorders, what it does to your body, body image, a lot of stuff can be learned as a group, but the one on one counselling sessions are really very, very important than after that.



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