Eating Disorder Centre Cork says they spend a lot of time combatting misinformation

Combatting misinformation is a vital part of helping people recovering from an eating disorder.

That’s according to the Clinical Manager of the Eating Disorder Centre Cork, Erin O’Reilly who says people should only trust information from reputable sources.

The group say false and misleading posts on social media remain a large problem for anyone who is prone to disordered eating.

Speaking to RedFM News, Erin O’Reilly says they spend a lot of time busting false information.

“There are websites out there promoting all types of eating disorders.

“There are pro-anorexia websites, there’s a lot on the dark web.

“If that what’s you want to hear that’s what you will stick to or what will appeal to you.

“But it’s like anything else I guess – having professional input makes all the difference.”


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