Eirgrid to discuss Ireland’s energy challenges

The operator of the State’s electricity grid says extra short or medium-term measures could be needed to protect supply due to the Ukraine crisis.

EirGrid is among a number of companies appearing before an Oireachtas Committee today to discuss Ireland’s energy challenges.

It says the delivery of a gas generation plant and battery technologies is required but additional actions could also be necessary because of the war.

UCC energy expert, Dr. Paul Deane, believes there’s particular concern about supplies of natural gas.

“Natural Gas generates about 50 to 60% of our electricity over the course of the year. The risk of a physical disruption of natural gas into Ireland is very low.

“However, there could be some rationing in the upcoming year to deal with the shortage of gas coming in from Russia if that happens.

“So what that would mean for Ireland there will be knock on implications for our ability to generate electricity from natural gas and I think that’s what a lot of policymakers are very much concerned about at the moment.”


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