Employers Group Is Warning Of Potential Economic Consequences Of Omicron On Staffing Levels

An employers group is warning of the potential economic consequences of Omicron on staffing levels.

IBEC says that for every positive Covid case, businesses are having to deal with a further three staff needing to self-isolate.

It says urgent changes are needed to the rules around close contacts, particularly for those who’ve received a third dose.

Chief Executive, Danny McCoy says the situation’s becoming more serious by the day:

“It looks from our information, it’s kind of breaking down that for every one positive, it’s nearly three close contacts in the business context. And so, this is quite serious in essential critical supply chains. I’m thinking here about manufacturing, food, pharmaceuticals, but then also in the delivery of those, and in the retailing of these goods and products. So we have a potential for a short term economic shock here.”


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